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Pictures - 2/8/2002

   Starting this mod with a fairly basic Lian-Li PC-60 aluminum case. So far all I've installed is the key switch for starting and shutting down the computer. The final effect that I'm going for with the mods on this case is that it is on fire.

   I've already cut a 92mm blowhole in the top for exhaust and it's helped my temperatures drop by 5-7c. It's also a crucial part of my fire spurting plan.

   I have installed a modded hard drive cooler in the top bay. Inside it is connected to 1 80mm fan via a copper duct. Works much better than the 2 40mm fans it came with.



Silverbox Log - 2/7/2002

   First post for my computer log. Modding pictures and installs should all be here eventually. I hope to keep this fairly up to date.

   Current specs:
1.4Ghz Athon CPU
2x256MB Mushkin Rev 2 PC133
VisionTek GeForce 3
Soundblaster Live! 5.1
3com 10/100 NIC

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